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The Viroin-Hermaton Nature Park

The Marie Victorin Centre is a research and educational centre for nature conservation, dedicated to a Quebec botanist. Founded in 1958 and managed by the Cercles des Naturalistes de Belgique, it lies in the heart of the stunning landscapes of the Viroin-Hermeton natural park with its richly varied sub-Mediterranean flora and fauna. It carries out a number of educational activities and research work into various aspects of ecological studies. Nature-guide training.
Louise-Marie Park

The unusual form and the artificial rocks mark this 3 ha park that was named after Belgium’s first queen. It came to being after a competition that was won by Constatin Schmits and was opened for the public in 1880. The two-levelled city park has an artificial grotto and a pond on the lower level and a kiosk on the upper level. It is also home to several unusual species. Renovation began in 1988 when the old Pont Hollandaise, a remnant of the last gate of Brussels, was cleared. There are recreational facilities, with a children’s playground.

Open all year round, sunrise to sunset.

The Viroin-Hermaton Nature Park

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